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Interview Guide

An interview is your chance to show an employer or graduate school selection committee that you are the right candidate for them.  Interviewers look for specific examples of experiences that demonstrate that you are a good fit for their position or program.  The CRC provides several resources that can help you improve your interview skills and practice how you communicate your professional qualifications.

Watch the CRC's "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Interviewing" to see examples of what to do and what not to do in an interview situation.

Preparing for Your Interview

Interviewers report that there are two key reasons why candidates do not advance to the next round of interviews:

  1. The interviewee did not thoroughly research the organization or graduate program.

  2. The interviewee could not use specific examples when answering questions.

Learn more about how you should prepare for an interview in the Ace the Interview Handbook.

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Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are your chance to practice and receive feedback on your skills before a real interview.  If you are new to interviewing or have not interviewed in awhile, you should practice and get the bugs worked out before the big day.

Students and alumni can receive individualized feedback on their interviewing skills from a variety of employers during "Meet Your Future" which is held every Spring semester at the Career Resource Center.  Students and alumni can also schedule a mock interview with a Career Counselor by calling 209.946.2361.

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The Career Resource Center thanks our employer partner, Enterprise Rent-A-Car for sponsoring the printing of the Ace the Interview handbook available at the CRC library.