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Mark Booth '01, DDS
Associate Professor of Dental Practice, Group Practice Leader

Education: BS, Stanford University; DDS, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry

Favorite Aspect of Teaching at Pacific: 
Being able to see the growth and development in my students.

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Office of Graduate Studies

155 Fifth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Pacific Health Sciences

Dr. Mark Booth '01, Associate Professor of Dental Practice

Associate Professor Mark Booth '01
“It’s the relationships that I enjoy, and I think that’s the special part of dentistry. It’s also the special part of what we have here at Pacific Dugoni—the family.” -- Mark Booth '01

Mark Booth '01 knows the Pacific Experience from both sides—as a former student and now as a teacher.

From his student days, his best memories are the relationships he formed with both his classmates and the faculty. some of whom are his colleagues today. One in particular, his Group Practice Administrator Dr. Russ Woodson, he credits with having played a crucial role in his success as a dental student.  

"During the trials and tribulations of my third year of dental school, Dr. Woodson did an amazing job of keeping me grounded and focused. There were many times that I became frustrated and struggled. Dr. Woodson was able to help me see the best in any situation, which allowed me to regain my focus."

Mark Booth '01 with Dr. Woodson
"When I returned to teach at Pacific, I was lucky enough to have Dr. Russ Woodson as a mentor and colleague. To this day, I pass on many of the valuable lessons I learned from him."  
— Mark Booth '01 

He caught the teaching bug when he oversaw the student dentists at the school's Advanced Education in General Dentistry program in Union City. After graduating, he went into private practice in Concord, but he felt isolated and had no one to talk to about his cases. Three years later, he rejoined Dugoni, eager to return to a family atmosphere.

"I was a little hesitant because most people don't go into dental school to be an educator, but the moment I got in the building, I realized this was what I was meant to do."

"When I returned to teach, I was lucky enough to have Dr. Woodson as a mentor and colleague. Later, when I became a Group Practice Leader, Dr. Woodson was always very generous with his time as he mentored me. To this day, I pass on many of the valuable lessons that I learned from Dr. Woodson."

Now in his fifth year of teaching, Booth says he loves the diversity of his position as Group Practice Leader. In addition to being a teacher, he's also a counselor and parent to his students and helps them with the inevitable growing pains that occur with life.

"It's the relationships that I enjoy, and I think that's the special part of dentistry," he said. "It's also the special part of what we have here at Pacific Dugoni—the family."

Last year, for example, one of the students in his group lost her father. His death was unexpected, and it was a very challenging time for her and her family, Booth recalled. He did his best to support and encourage her, he said, and he was inspired by how much courage and character she displayed throughout the year.

"Though I know that her heart was burdened with grief and sadness, she never lost her professional demeanor and strong work ethic," he said. "It was truly rewarding and inspiring to watch her cross the stage at graduation."

"Pacific is such a great place to be — such a positive environment," says Booth. "I really enjoy what I do here. The opportunities I have here have helped me grow as an educator as well as a dentist."