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Rohan Dixit

Campbell, California

May 2012

Business Administration with a concentration in Finance

Eberhardt Student Investment Fund, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Resident Assistant


Rohan Dixit '12

Rohan Dixit
"The classes I have taken at Pacific were only part of my overall academic experience that helped me launch my career. Pacific realizes the importance of real-world experiences, and I'm grateful for that."

As Rohan Dixit '12 prepares to graduate, he doesn't need to worry about finding a job. That's because he has already secured a position at Bloomberg's San Francisco office. After interning with Bloomberg during the summer of 2011, he was offered a position as an analyst starting July 2012. Rohan will work with several different financial market players (fixed income, equities, foreign exchange, and commodities), government officials, and economists to provide solutions within the Bloomberg Terminal, a system where financial professionals can monitor and analyze real-time financial market data. We asked Rohan to tell us a bit about his time as a student.

Why did you choose Pacific?

I knew Pacific was the school for me after attending the first orientation on campus. Small classes, ability to develop personal relationships with professors, and the picturesque campus were the main characteristics of Pacific that led to my acceptance. Many rival universities I applied to do not have a developed business program in which students can concentrate in a specific discipline. After speaking with many professionals and attending conferences, the importance of specialization has been a recurring theme. Pacific's program not only allows for this, but promotes it heavily in every class. 

How has your experience at Pacific (both in and outside of the classroom) prepared you for what you're doing after graduation?

The classes I have taken at Pacific were only part of my overall academic experience that helped me launch my career.   Several organizations on campus work very hard to fund and promote events to ensure a well-rounded education. For example, contributions made by the Eberhardt School of Business and Pacific Fund allowed me and several other students to travel to New York City for a conference with several highly-regarded financial professionals. Hearing about their unique experiences gave me perspective to my own career objectives, which are unable to be taught in a classroom.  Pacific realizes the importance of real-world experiences, and I am very grateful for that. 

What is your fondest memory of your experience at Pacific?

It's hard to choose just one experience. Looking back on my four years, I have seen Pacific grow leaps and bounds. My time at Pacific, specifically the Eberhardt School of Business, was similar to working for a start-up company. Dean Lewis Gale and the business school invested in new technologies for our building, the number of applications for our school has increased exponentially, and Pacific is beginning to gain greater credibility with large firms nationwide. I am proud of all the changes I have seen since my freshman year, and I look forward to see Pacific continuously grow.  

What is your favorite part of being a Tiger?

The best part of being a Tiger is the fact that as a student, your thoughts, opinions, motives, and wishes will never go unnoticed. As cliché as that sounds, the fact is the amount of influence the students have on campus is unmatched by rival universities. If we keep to this course, the Tigers will continue to grow.