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Office of Compliance

University of the Pacific is committed to the values of responsibility and integrity. As part of our commitment to our values and standards of conduct, University of the Pacific has a university-wide compliance program.  The University Compliance Program serves the University community by providing infrastructure and resources to promote compliance with laws and university policies.

Our adherence to a compliance culture builds upon our commitment to our shared values, creates a safer community and helps deter Pacific from external fines and lawsuits. The program oversees all compliance activities university wide. This includes reviewing policies and procedures, ensuring accountability through training and fair discipline, performing gap analysis, and promoting a culture of ethics and compliance across all three campuses.

The program is managed by the Chief Compliance Officer and overseen by the President's Office and the Audit Committee of the Board of Regents.  The Chief Compliance Officer along with appointed Compliance Leads and support from the University Compliance Committee manage the compliance program.

Compliance Leads and Compliance Functional Units

To best support the University's commitment to compliance, compliance responsibilities across all three campuses are divided into functional compliance units:

If you have questions need to report a problem, contact your Compliance Lead or a functional unit supervisor for help.

Make a Report

If you want to report a concern/problem anonymously,