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Determining FTE for Part Time Faculty

Employment authorizations contain a field for Full Time Equivalency (FTE). Part-time employees FTE is generally determined based on their contract. Human Resources is asking that an FTE be put on employment authorizations for non-full time faculty and would like to begin entering FTE into Banner. There is no standard for determining FTE for part-time faculty. Each Academic Dean may have a different way of determining FTE, which may be based on courses taught, credit hours, or even non-instructional work like research.

The issue of salary will remain a separate matter, and will not be based on the FTE calculation. The tracking and use of FTE for part time faculty will become more important over time. For example, a faculty member’s FTE affects benefits among many other important considerations. With position control in place FTE could also be used to help the budgeting process. FTE status will affect an employee’s receipt of benefits. Also, this policy may serve as precedence for workload determinations for all faculty.

Faculty workload is composed of instructional (FTEIF) and non-instructional (FTENF) components. The 20 unit per year FTEIF measure should be applied in part to determine part time faculty FTE. For example, a faculty member teaching a 4 unit course would be considered 0.20 FTE for a term. Instructional workload by its nature includes all course prep, student meetings, faculty meetings, office hours, etc.

Part-time faculty may also have non-instructional assignments such as research, scholarship, or university service. FTENF should be calculated based upon the average number of hours a faculty member is contracted to work for each week. For example, a faculty member contracted to work 20 hours per week would be 0.50 FTE based on a 40 hour work week.

 Credits Taught FTE based on10
credits per term
 FTE based on 20
credits per year
 Hours Contracted
in a Work Week
 FTE based on 40
hours per week
 3.0  0.30  0.15  10  0.25
 4.0  0.40  0.20  20  0.50
 8.0  0.80  0.40  30  0.75
 12.0  1.20  0.60  60  1.50

Recommended Policy:
“Faculty full-time equivalencies will be determined based on the combination of instructional and non-instructional assignments (FTE = FTEIF + FTENF). The academic dean will make the determination for each part-time faculty member at the time of hire and the FTE will be placed on the Employment Authorizations before they are finalized and processed by HR.”