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University of Pacific is committed to providing comprehensive safety education and training for the University community.  The goal is to prevent incidents that result in accidents and injuries to include personal injury and/or property damage.

Supervisors, faculty, researchers and staff are responsible for understanding the basics of workplace safety, including life safety issues, hazard recognition, risk assessment, hazardous materials management and emergency response. A wide variety of safety education training materials is available to help support this proceeding, which includes but is no limited to online courses, reading materials, video presentations, and group or individual education.  This education and training is designed to provide guidance in the ability to:

  • Recognize hazards,
  • Assess the risk of those hazards,
  • Minimize, manage, or control those hazards
  • Prepare to respond to emergencies.

For further assistance with education and training that could better meet current needs, or that is not currently available, contact ERM here.

Below is a list of trainings available through Bridge the University of the Pacific's  Learning Management System (LMS)

Handling Radioactive Safety

Introduction to Radiation Safety

OSHA- Bloodborne Pathogen

OSHA- Chemical Safety

OSHA -Office Ergonomics

OSHA- Hazard Communications

OSHA- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Fundamentals

OSHA- Slips, Trips and Falls

Pacific Mandatory Minor Training

Driver Clearance Course

Powered Cart / Low Speed Vehicle (LVS) Clearance

University Laboratory Safety - Analyzing Hazards

University Laboratory Safety- Developing and Using Controls

University Laboratory Safety- Working Safely