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Benefit Providers

For information about Pacific’s benefits, you may contact the Benefit Resource Center at 866.468.7272 or via email at (when emailing please indicate you are an employee of University of the Pacific.) If you need further benefits assistance or have questions about enrollment, please contact Human Resources at

Benefit Company

Phone Number

Web Address

California Casualty Auto/Home Insurance 1.877.654.9316
Delta Dental Plan - PPO Delta Dental  1.800.765.6003
Delta Health Services-Flex Services   1.888.478.7331
DeltaCare USA - DHMO Delta Dental   1.800.422.4234
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Liberty Mutual-MyLibertyAssist 1.866.695.6327
Health Savings Account (HSA)-Pacific Plan 1.800.357.6246
Kaiser Chiropractic Services through ASH  1.800.678.9133  
Kaiser Health Savings Account  (HSA) 1.877.761.3399 
Kaiser HMO HD/w HSA  1.800.464.4000
Kaiser HMO Kaiser Permanente   1.800.464.4000
Liberty Mutual 1.888.787.2129
Long Term Care Long Term Care Partners and Insurance Services 1.650.306.0240  
Pacific EPO 1.888.212.1231
Pacific Plan 24/7 Advice Nurse 1.855.265.7259 
Pacific PPO   1.888.212.1231 
Pacific PPO HD/w HSA 1.888.212.1231 
Pacific's Group Retirement Annuity (GRA) Plan - 403(b) TIAA   1.800.842.2776
PlushCare 1.866.460.6205
UNUM Whole Life and Accident Insurance 1.800.275.8686
Vision Plan -Choice Network 1.800.877.7195
Voluntary Group Supplemental Retirement Annuity (GSRA) Plan - 403(b) 1.800.842.2776
WellDyne Rx Pharmacy 1.888.479.2000