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The 2009-2010 fiscal year witnessed the beginning of a gradual recovery from the worldwide economic turmoil of the previous year. Continuing the wise stewardship of resources and the conservative budgeting that allowed Pacific to weather that crisis, the University reached the fiscal year-end with:

  •  Net tuition revenue up $10 million

  • A $6 million operating surplus

  • A $16 million increase in endowment investments

  • A nearly 275% increase in the number of applications for freshman admission. 14,970 prospective students applied to matriculate in fall 2009, up from 5,450 for fall 2008.

  • A record freshman enrollment of 894. Due to the financial crisis, many prospective and current students demonstrated greater financial need. The University disbursed an additional $7 million in financial aid in 2009-2010.



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