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How to Request Access to CRM Services


Step 1

Requesting user completes Administrative Services Access Request form,* including their supervisor’s signature recommending the access.

*In the field that says “User needs the access to perform the following job functions,” please provide the purpose of your access request and indicate which of the below data types and uses you are requesting.

  • UG Admission
  • Grad Recruitment/Admission
  • Support Services
  • Academic Support
  • Marketing/Communications
  • Reporting
  • Business enablement (please specify department or unit, if applicable)

Step 2

Email completed/signed Administrative Services Access Request form, FERPA certificate, and Confidentiality Agreement to the CRM Data Steward (Rob Henderson: 

Step 3

CRM Data Steward reviews the request and will contact the requesting supervisor/user for clarification if needed.  If approved, the CRM Data Steward will sign the request form and submit the form to the CRM team. If the request is denied, the CRM Data Steward will notify the requestor; see FAQs for additional information.

Step 4

CRM team processes the request in collaboration with Pacific Technology. Upon completion, CRM team will notify requesting user of their CRM log-in information and required training (if any).