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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CRM?
A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system offers “end-to-end solutions” placing students at the center and integrating services such as: recruitment and admission, student success, alumni relations, and advancement across the full student lifecycle. Like many universities, Pacific initially adopted a CRM from a company called Salesforce, exclusively to manage the undergraduate admission prospects and engage through email, social media, phone/text, and event management tools. Since 2015, Pacific’s CRM has expanded to support graduate programs, student success, and Registrar Office.

Who gets a CRM account?
Access to the CRM is limited to faculty and staff directly responsible for the tracking, communication, and analyses of the information contained within the CRM.

Can anyone have a CRM account?
No. Due to limited seats available with our license, user access is restricted.

I had a CRM account but it was deactivated, why?
Accounts can be deactivated for a number of reasons. The most common reasons are because a user:

  • never logged into the system;
  • did not complete the mandatory training within 90-days of being issued an account;
  • was previously active but has not logged in for six months or more;
  • left the institution or the position they had when originally given access; or
  • misused the system.

If your account was deactivated without explanation and you believe it was in error, please contact

How can I get a deactivated account reactivated?
If your account was deactivated for cause (lack of use, changing departments, etc), you must follow the CRM Request process, see Step 1.

My access needs have changed, how do I update my privileges?
It depends. For minor changes or if you are unsure, email For substantive changes, such as a position change or duty/responsibility changes, follow the CRM Request process (see Step 1).

My request for access was denied, what should I do?
If you believe that your access request was denied by mistake or if there are additional considerations, please email and include your:

  • name,
  • Pacific ID number,
  • department/division,
  • supervisor’s name and contact information, and
  • a brief explanation about why your case should be re-evaluated.

Unfortunately there are a limited number of CRM seats available through Pacific’s license and not all requests can be granted but the CRM team works hard to manage seats efficiently.