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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I contact the Office of the Provost?
    The Office of the Provost contact information can be found here.

  2. What is the Provost's email address?
    To email the Provost, please click here.

  3. How do I schedule an appointment with the Provost?
    To schedule an appointment with the Provost, please contact email Victoria Oliva, 209.946.2552

  4. Who can I contact about committees or faculty governance?
    For questions about committees or to reach the Faculty Governance Office, contact email Carole Hill, 209.932.4456.

  5. Where can I find the Faculty Handbook?
    The Faculty Handbook can be found here.

  6. Where can I find WASC information?
    WASC information can be found here.

  7. Where can I find helpful policies, procedures and documents?
    Policies, procedures and documents can be found here.

  8. Where can I find open academic faculty, or administrative positions?
    Faculty and administrative positions within the Academic Division can be found here.

  9. Where can I find open staff positions?
    Open staff positions can be found on the Human Resources website located here.