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Academic Plan Update

The University's strategic plan, Pacific 2020, enumerates four strategies for Pacific to excel in the changing higher education environment while supporting its mission to provide a superior, student-centered learning experience. The first strategy calls for strengthening Pacific's academic programs.

To accomplish this, last year faculty, staff and students throughout the university worked together across divisions and units to redesign programs, build cross-disciplinary programs, provide internship opportunities for students and create joint scholarship projects. The planning process was built on the collaborative momentum begun out of the Academic Planning and Alignment process. The resulting of all these efforts is Pacific's inaugural Academic Plan, Crossing Boundaries for Academic Excellence, which sets Pacific's academic priorities for the next five years. 
Work has already begun on the three goals of the Academic Plan. For example, the University is expanding its offering of graduate programs on the San Francisco and Sacramento campuses. The University has passionate, dedicated faculty across its schools and units. The largest of these is the College of the Pacific, committed to equipping Pacific students with a quality liberal arts education. The College recently held its faculty retreat as it starts to refine its core programs. This is just the beginning of a University-wide conversation about the integration of the liberal arts with the professions. Studies also are underway to explore new program ideas submitted by faculty in support of the strategic growth areas of healthcare and water/environmental stewardship.

Improving student success remains one of the University's top priorities. To this end, Pacific has begun to implement its Student Success Initiative, one of the five Strategic Investment Fund capacity proposals approved last year. This Initiative includes a number of new systems and strategies to support students and faculty.

To support Pacific's faculty, the Academic Administration has initiated a number of activities to listen to and have conversations with faculty to identify areas for improvement and implement best practices, processes and new systems. Last year Tenured and Non-Tenure Track faculty participated in the COACHE climate survey, the results of which will be announced in October; a Non-Tenure Track Task Force also was established to discuss and develop recommendations to improve faculty climate. This year the Provost plans to host a series of topical monthly conversations between faculty and academic administration.

These are just a few of the ways the entire University has begun to cross boundaries to implement the Academic Plan and support Pacific 2020. There is much to do this year as faculty, staff and administration all work together to identify and address areas for improvement in our academic division. Look for regular updates on Academic Plan implementation throughout the year.  

You can view and download a copy of the Academic Plan here. Print copies will be available soon. If you would like to get a print copy, please contact Sandy Evans at or 209.946.2450.