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Progress on Academic Plan

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Thanks to all who participated in the various opportunities to provide feedback to the draft Academic Plan in January and February. Faculty, staff and students attended cross-university conversations and posted ideas online, faculty in each school/college submitted written feedback to the Provost Office, and the Academic Council gathered feedback from faculty to revise Goal 3 of the draft plan. The comments and suggestions gathered throughout this past month have been coded and are being synthesized into the next iteration of the draft plan. Thank you to Academic Council leaders Courtney Lehman, Sharmila King, and Rahim Kohie who led the revision of Goal 3; Lehmann and King also have been helping to write contextual language for some of the goals, strategies and initiatives in the final draft. The academic deans have had leadership roles throughout the process for ongoing vetting and discussions. We are heading into the final round of the planning process and look forward to your continued participation.

Please note the upcoming dates below so you can continue to join in this important planning process.

Academic Planning Upcoming Dates:
March 13 -Final draft Academic Plan disseminated to university community
March 16-20 - Faculty, staff and student feedback to the final draft plan on Academic Planning SharePoint site
April 3 -Final plan disseminated to Academic Council
April 9 - Academic Council meeting to approve final plan
April 16 - Final Academic Plan goes to the Board of Regents