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WASC Interim Report Complete

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As part of WASC's reaccreditation visit in 2012, the WASC Commission requested University of the Pacific to submit an interim report in March 2015 to address progress on three issues identified by the visiting team and the Commission: strengthening systems of assessment and program review, enhancing student success and diversity, and establishing university-wide faculty workload guidelines.

Report preparation began in January 2014 with the establishment of a task force consisting of a core group to manage the Interim Report process and subgroups to address each issue identified by the WASC Commission Action Letter of 2012. Additional Task Force members from key stakeholder groups participated in early reviews and revision to drafts of the report.  

From spring to fall 2014, the working subgroups collected and analyzed evidence to determine progress on each issue. Subgroups drafted reports on their respective issues in fall 2014 for review by the larger task force in early January. The next draft was then sent to additional stakeholders for review and feedback during late January and early February. Each review informed subsequent revisions.  

Key stakeholder groups participating in reviewing and providing feedback included: University Assessment Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, Student Success Committee, Academic Council, Council of Assistant and Associate Deans, Leadership Team of the Division of Student Life, the Provost's Leadership Council, and the President's Cabinet. The Board of Regents has been apprised of progress on these issues and will review the Interim Report at their April 2015 meeting.  

The final report was submitted February 27, 2015. In several weeks, we will discuss Pacific's progress on the three issues during a conference call with a panel of WASC peer reviewers and will receive feedback to Pacific's report several weeks thereafter. We will provide another update once we receive the final letter from the Commission.  

Core Interim Report Management Group
Cyd Jenefsky, Vice Provost for Strategy & Educational Effectiveness
Berit Gundersen, Associate Provost for Educational Effectiveness & Faculty Affairs
Victoria Oliva, Project Support Specialist, Office of the Provost
Eileen McFall, Director of Learning and Academic Assessment

Subgroups are, by issue:
Strengthening Systems of Assessment and Program Review
Eileen McFall, Director of Learning and Academic Assessment
Eric Boyce, Co-Chair of University Assessment Committee
Greg Rohlf, Associate Professor, College of the Pacific, former Chair of Academic Affairs
Jon Schamber, Co-Chair Institutional Effectiveness Committee (AY 2013-14 member)
Sandy Mahoney, Director of Assessment and Student Development Services, Student Life

Enhancing Student Success and Diversity
Elisa Anders, Associate Dean of Students, Division of Student Life
Joanna Royce-Davis, Dean of Students. Division of Student Life (AY 2013-14 member)
Lou Matz, Assistant Provost for Academic Student Support and Retention
Marcia Hernandez, Assistant Dean, Associate Professor of Sociology, College of the Pacific
Mike Rogers, Director of Institutional Research

Establishing Faculty Workload Guidelines
Berit Gundersen, Associate Provost for Educational Effectiveness & Faculty Affairs
Caroline Cox, Special Projects Advisor to the Provost (AY 2013-14 member)
Cynthia Dobbs, Associate Professor, College of the Pacific

Additional Task Force Members from Stakeholder Groups
Chris Goff, Assistant Provost for Diversity
Courtney Lehmann, Chair, Academic Council
Jim Uchizono, Chair, Academic Affairs
Linda Skrla, Committee on Graduate Studies
Melinda Westland, Graduate Student Representative
Rosa Munoz, Student Representative
Sharmila King, Academic Council
Yesenia Gutierrez, Student Representative