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Administrative Ratios Report Released

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Last fall the Chair of Pacific's Academic Council, Dr. Courtney Lehmann, requested that the Office of the Provost conduct a study into administrative size relative to size of faculty at Pacific. The Provost, along with Pacific's Office of Institutional Research, conducted a statistical analysis of administrative, managerial and professional staff and faculty at Pacific and compared findings with similar data at our standard and aspirant peer institutions, utilizing federally-mandated Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System (hereinafter "IPEDS") employment and enrollment data. Determination of statistical ratios of administration at different levels as a function of other populations at Pacific (faculty and students) show that Pacific has a lower than average number of administrators relative to faculty and students than similar institutions. Additionally, the data suggest that our aspirant peers have, on average, the highest number of administrators relative to faculty and students.

The report in its entirety may be found by clicking HERE and using your InsidePacific login.