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CTL - VHS Buyback and Classroom Observation

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CTL is collaborating with Pacific Technologies and the Library to replace your VHS tapes with other electronic content. Maybe we burn a DVD. Maybe we find a free resource. While we won't guarantee we can find a replacement for your VHS tape, we will do the work of researching an alternative! WHY? The VHS players in the classroom are becoming a challenge to support. The technology is outdated. The players will eventually be removed. It is time to plan ahead to find another format for your content.

Faculty members are encouraged to drop-off their VHS tapes at CTL (2nd Floor, Library) throughout the month of April.

We will:
1. Digitize the VHS to a DVD if there are no copyright issues OR
2. Find a replacement, either web-based, library collection or DVD.
3. If neither of these options produces a replacement, we will work with faculty to search open educational resources and other online repositories to see if there is a comparable replacement. CTL will let you know when the replacement is available.

All faculty members bringing in one or more VHS tapes will receive a VHS Buy Back t-shirt!


Ready for a change in your teaching? Ask CTL for a Classroom Observation! The Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) offers classroom observations to help faculty identify areas of their teaching that might be enhanced through alternative pedagogy. Contact Director Terri Johnson if you would like to learn more.