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Non-Tenure Track Faculty Updates

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The Non-tenure track/non-tenured (NTT) faculty Task Force continues to work on their charge from the Provost to make recommendations that improve the support our NTT faculty receive by May 15, 2015. Updates on this Task Force will be included in the first newsletter in fall semester.

During the Provost conversations with the NTT faculty in early spring, she heard about challenges of benefits eligibility for NTT, some of which were exacerbated by a practice that could readily be addressed.  In some cases, NTT faculty members were at times appointed for a single semester, even when those faculty members were likely or certain to teach the full academic year. These faculty members were ineligible for benefits because the University requires employees to be at least 50% FTE over at least a 9-month appointment to become eligible for benefits. Academic and Business administration worked together over the past several months to ensure this practice no longer impacts faculty members who would otherwise be fully eligible.

Beginning this fall, the impacted faculty members will be eligible for benefits during the 9 month academic year. Faculty members who will now be eligible for benefits will be contacted by Human Resources as they are fully identified in late summer. Anyone with questions on these changes should visit the benefits WEBSITE or contact Karen Mendoza, Associate Director of Benefits, by EMAIL or at ext. 62742.