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Assessment Resources

(Also see Assessment Tools for the Cycle)

  • Annual assessment of program learning outcomes (site page)
  • Assessment glossaries
o   AACU (external link)

o   WASC (external link)
o   Measurement terms as annotated by McTighe and Arter (external pdf)
  • Assessment in Student Life at Pacific. Assessment in Student Life reinforces and complements academic assessment of student learning outcomes. In its allied co-curricular mission, Student Life promotes a culture of meaningful student learning through its programs and services. (Pacific website)
  • Assessment workshop (October, 2015) A comprehensive workshop on assessing student learning outcomes at Pacific addressed "assessment basics" from the perspective of a learning paradigm, as well those more specific to Arts and Humanities and to Social and Natural Sciences. Facilitators were Laura Martin (UC Merced) and David Chase (American Film Institute).
  • Backward design in course and program development
  • Curriculum-embedded assessment  - in Learning Processes and Outcomes site (site page)
  • Curriculum mapping (site page)
  • Focus group as method  - an indirect assessment
  • Learning outcomes (sequencing developmentally)
    • Student-friendly framework for program learning outcomes (pdf)
    • Carnegie Melon articulation of educational value of course objectives and developmental sequencing (external pdf)
    • University of Arkansas developmental sequence of objectives within a course (external link)
  • Learning outcomes (support for writing these)
    • Student-friendly framework for program learning outcomes (pdf)
    • Two step-by-step frameworks for writing learning outcomes (external link)
    • Workplace Competency Model Clearinghouse (external link)
  • Literature on assessment
    • AAHE's nine principles of good assessment practice. This is an historically important document that established higher education's ideals for assessing student learning outcomes. (external pdf)
    • A Common Sense Approach to Assessment and Accreditation (blog by Linda Suskie)
    • Assessment Update This is a bimonthly newsletter that covers the latest developments of assessment in higher education. The articles are brief and practical. (Journal available from the Pacific library).
    • Guidelines for Judging the Effectiveness of Assessing Student Learning. Braskamp (2014) provides a conceptual framework that in bullet-form supports planning, implementing, and optimizing campus-based assessment efforts to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders. (external pdf)
    • National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) provides reports, occasional papers, and assessment briefs for higher education. (external website)
  • Scholarship of Teaching. Learning, and Assessment (site page)