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6.3.3 Institutional Budget Committee (IBC) (J, U)

Approved by Academic Council on May 16, 1996, President May,1996, Revised May, 1997, Revised April, 2011, Revised May 2019

The Institutional Budget Committee (IBC) is the primary budget review group of the University and serves as a principal advisory body to the President regarding the resourcing of University priorities which are informed by the University's strategic plan. Regular, periodic consultation by the IBC with faculty, administration, staff, and students is essential. The committee is delegated to review and recommend budgets and other funding that align with the strategic plan at the institutional level including:

 Summary of Charge:   

  • Recommend an annual budget, tuition rates, and room and board fees to the President. 
  • Recommend to the President strategic investments from funds not associated with the annual operating budget.
  • Recommend and provide feedback on the five-year budget model (including: tuition, room and board, fees, and enrollment). 
  • Review reports annually on budget performance with particular focus on major units within a division or school that are over budget.
  • Review annual report of strategic plan implementation progress.
  • The chair of the Regents' Finance and Facilities committee meets with the IBC once per year.


  • Voting members to include up to 11 individuals:
    • Provost
    • VP for Business and Finance
    • 1 Dean (from a different school than the faculty representatives)
    • 3 faculty (Past AC chair, 2 others, each from a different school and rotating through the schools over time)
    • 2 staff (SAC chair or designee and one additional staff member rotating through divisions)
    • 2 students (ASuop President or designee, and one student from a graduate or professional school)
    • An additional member may be added if the San Francisco or Sacramento campus is not represented. The President, in consultation with the relevant shared governance body, should appoint one dean, faculty, or staff representative to ensure all campuses have representation.

Appointment and terms:
The Academic Council elects two faculty representatives, each from a different school, to serve three-year staggered terms. In addition, the past chair of Academic Council or an Executive Board designee serves a one-year term. The Staff Advisory Council annually elects the Staff Advisory Council representative. An additional staff representative is appointed by the President. The undergraduate student representative is appointed annually by the ASUOP President. The graduate or professional student representative is appointed annually by the President. The dean is appointed annually by the President. Annual appointments are normally limited to a maximum of five years. Appointments will seek to reflect the diversity of the campus community and ensure that all three campuses have representation. The faculty chair of the IBC is appointed annually by the president and is selected from committee members. The vice-chair is the VP for Business and Finance.

Additional attendees:
Requested by the Chair, Vice-Chair or Provost; as needed to support the committee in achieving its goals.