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Office of the University Registrar
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Office of the Registrar
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Dental Selectives by Quarter

General Information:

Winter Quarter 2019 Selectives

Students in the graduating classes are required to take one selective during the winter quarter of their final year.  A student may take as many courses as they wish as long as there are no conflicts.  Full credit will be available for those who attend all meetings of a selective course.  Students must sign in with their initials on the roster distributed by the course director, or add their name in the "ADD ONs" section of the roster if they're not pre-registered. The instructor will ultimately decide how students are graded.  This is based upon attendance and, if applicable to the course, assignments being complete and satisfactory.  All selective courses are offered on a credit/"F" basis only.  The dental school does not have a "no credit" grading option. Selective courses become part of your dental school transcript.  If you are absent for any selective for which you are pre-registered you may receive a grade of Incomplete (INC).

Enrollment for selectives are on a first come, first served basis.  A one-week add/drop period will be held January 7-11, 2019.  If you wish to change courses, please complete an ADD/DROP form soon to be available on this page.

Reminder to students who took the summer or autumn 2018 Ortho Invisalign course: the course meets the final year's selective requirement.  Credit is awarded (and posted to the transcript) in the quarter in which the course is completed.  You can review your transcript on Inside Pacific, and look for the prior selectives for which you have a "CR", i.e., "SL 999 Leadership for Nxt Dec".  If you've reached the total number of selectives needed, 5 for DDS and 3 for IDS, you are not required to complete more selectives.
The list of selective offerings for winter 2019 can be viewed, here.

Important Dates: 

  • Pre-registration period: November 27 - December 7
  • Add/Drop period: January 7 - January 11

Add/Drop Form: