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Office of the Registrar-Stockton
Knoles Hall, 1st Floor
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8:30a - 5:00p M-F
Office of the Registrar
3601 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95211

Dental Selectives by Quarter

Spring Quarter 2019 Selectives

Students in the classes of 2021 and 2020 are required to take two selectives during the spring quarter.  A student may take as many courses as they wish as long as there are no conflicts.  Full credit will be available for those who attend all meetings of a selective course.  The dental school does not have a "no credit" grading option.  All selective courses are offered on a credit/"F" basis only.  Selective courses become part of your dental school transcript, and are posted to the transcript in the quarter in which the course(s) are completed.  If you are absent for any selective for which you are pre-registered you may receive a grade of Incomplete (INC).

As mandated by Curriculum Committee, the distribution of courses are as follows: (DDS) at least 2 in year 1 and year 2, and at least 1 in year 3; (IDS) at least 2 in year 1 and at least 1 in year 2. Please note, selective graduation requirements, to be completed by the winter quarter of your graduation year, are as follows: 5 for DDS and 3 for IDS students.  

Enrollment for selectives are on a first come, first served basis.  The priority add/drop period will be held April 1-5, 2019.  If you wish to change courses, please complete an ADD/DROP Form and return it to the Registrar's office.
Students in the classes of 2020 who successfully complete the Ortho Invisalign course in the winter quarter, or students who are registered for the course in the spring or subsequent 2019 quarters: the course covers 1 of the 2 selective requirements.

Selective Course Offerings Lists:

Add/Drop Form: