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What is a PacificNet ID?

The PacificNet ID has been known in the past as your Active Directory account or the "STK" account and is an eight character username used to access computer services throughout Pacific.

Duplicate IDs Or Names

If two people have the potential for the same PacificNet ID (i.e., the same first initial, last name combination), then a number will replace the last character of the PacificNet ID as a tie-breaker. For example, Mary Holiday would be changed to mholida1 for a total of eight characters.

Long Names

If the first initial and the last name equals or exceeds eight characters the last name will be truncated or shortened after the eighth character. For example, Mary Longname would become mlongnam.

Current Services

The following are some of the services you can access using your PacificNet ID:

For any questions or assistance with your accounts, you can always contact the Helpdesk.