The PacificPrint service is available to Pacific students as a centralized print/copy/scan solution. The ability to print from anywhere to anywhere allows users greater flexibility in their work. PacificPrint improves sustainability by minimizing the number of printers needed and providing better tracking and reporting of print/copy/scan usage. PacificPrint devices are energy efficient and configured for optimal power savings. Printers connected to PacificPrint are accessible on all three campuses.


Students should use printers which are marked as PacificPrint.

Some printers have a card reader to retrieve jobs sent to the generic printing queues, while others are only set up for direct printing by departments.

Requesting the Service:

Online Printing is available here. Students are able to use publicly accessible devices that are fitted with a card reader.


Click here to learn how to add money to your PacificCard so you can use PacificPrint.

Using the online portal, it is possible to request refunds for jobs that come out incorrectly due to an error that can be traced to the PacificPrint system. These are handled on a case-by-case basis and are assessed according to the specific circumstances.

How do I get help with this service?

Please submit a ticket through ServiceNow if you have any additional questions related to the service.