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Annual Clery notification and alcohol and drug policy notification

Sep 30, 2014


To the University Community:
University of the Pacific's Annual Safety and Security Reports (Reports) include statistics concerning reported crimes that occurred on and around the University's three campuses located in Stockton, Sacramento, and San Francisco between Jan. 1, 2011 and Dec. 31, 2013.  Reports specifically identify statistics for crimes that occurred on campus, in certain off-campus buildings owned or controlled by the University, and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus.  

The Reports also include institutional policies and procedures related to campus safety and security.  The Reports provide information on University of the Pacific's policies concerning alcohol and drug use, sexual assault and fire safety, including fire statistics.  Additionally, the Reports outline University procedures for reporting crimes, providing emergency response, emergency evacuations, and emergency notifications for each campus.

The report for each campus is available online at:

  • STOCKTON>>   To obtain a paper copy of the report, please go to the Department of Public Safety.
  • SACRAMENTO>>    To obtain a paper copy of the report, please go to the Admissions and Human Resources office or contact the director of Public Safety's office at 916.739.7306
  • SAN FRANCISCO>>   To obtain a paper copy of the report, please go to Central Command Center on the 1st Floor.
  • Megan's Law:  Information on registered sex offenders is available on-line at:  

Alcohol and drug use and misuse are a problem at many university and college campuses across the country. Pacific takes this issue seriously and has a clearly-defined set of policies regarding the use and distribution of alcohol and drugs on campus.

This is a reminder that students, faculty, and staff must comply with all federal, state, and local laws and University policies governing the consumption, possession, distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages and drugs on University property; at any activity or event on and off the campus sponsored by Pacific; or where a campus community member is representing Pacific as part of an off‐campus program, activity, or event.

This annual notice is sent to you as a requirement of the Drug‐Free Schools and Communities Act of 1990, and the Drug‐Free Workplace Act of 1988. Universities that receive federal/state funds in any form are required to comply with the above acts. We must take affirmative steps to prohibit the unlawful possession, use, and/or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol.

Description of Health Risks
The misuse of alcohol and/or prescription drugs or use of illicit drugs can result in overdose, death, violence, incarceration, loss of a driver's license, failed relationships, petty property crime, school dropout, lowered productivity and quality, increased absenteeism and tardiness, serious psychobiological and neurobiological problems, reduced concentration, impaired judgment, loss of short term and long term memory, diminished reasoning skills, strained family relationships, damaged fetuses, and other serious life altering effects.  Additional information regarding health risks is available from the Cowell Wellness Center or

Criminal Penalties
Federal penalties for the trafficking of controlled substances are dependent upon several conditions including the substance, amount, and whether the matter is a first offense or repeated offense for an individual or other legal entity.

Resources for Assistance

  • Alcohol Abuse 24 Hour Action Helpline 800.234.0420
  • Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center 24 Hour Helpline 800.711.6375
  • Counseling and Psychological  Services 209.946.2315 ext. 2
  • Employee Assistance Program 877-595-5281
  • Pacific Health Services 209.946.2315 ext. 1

Pacific's alcohol and drug policies can be found online for:

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