First Dimension

Initiate a group, movement, or organization on campus or beyond to improve conditions in some way

Second Dimension

Demonstrate leadership in an area of interest - in an organization or research or artistic endeavor

Third Dimension

Present, publish, or perform an original scholarly or creative project

Fourth Dimension

Connect to the local, national, and international communities through voluntarism or other activities

Fifth Dimension

Apply for and strive to win a prestigious fellowship or scholarship

Sixth Dimension

Attend concerts, art exhibits, or lectures on and off campus

Each semester, the current Powell Scholars vote on a cultural event to attend as a group. For some of these events, Powell Alumni are invited to attend as well.

Seventh Dimension

Gain international exposure through study abroad or other avenues

Eighth Dimension

Obtain hands-on experience in their field through internships or other avenues

Ninth Dimension

Strive for the highest level of academic excellence

Many Powell Scholars and Alumni are members of honors societies such as Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and other discipline-specific honors societies. All Powell Scholars are also offered admission into the Freshman Honors Program.