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Benerd College
For Degree and Credentialing: 209.946.2683 For Professional Development: 209.946.2424 For Sacramento Programs: 916.340.6155

3601 Pacific Ave. Stockton, CA 95211
3200 Fifth Ave. Sacramento, CA 95817

Sacramento EdD Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

Program Purpose: To Develop Innovators and Systems Thinkers for Learning, Leadership, and Change

The Sacramento program focuses on fostering innovation and creativity in Educational and Organizational Leadership. We purposefully recruit students from throughout the learning system: K12 education, higher education, non-profit and advocacy organizations, government, the military, and corporations.  The curriculum is focused on inquiry and practice for learning, leadership, and change.


The program requires that students specialize in a complementary area of study by completing a four-course "cognate" concentration. Options include:

  • Organizational Learning and Effectiveness: Processes for organizations of all types to grow, improve, change and learn. Prepares students to lead the development of people, performance, and organizations. 
  • Social and Educational Entrepreneurship: Application of innovation and creativity principles to address societal problems, and to create sustainable organizations, initiatives, and solutions.

Schedule of Courses

Year 1, Fall

  • EDUC 360  Trends, Issues, and Dynamics of Change
  • EDUC 352  Applied Inquiry I

Year 1, Spring

  • EDUC 372  Program and Organization Evaluation (entire semester)
  • EDUC 368  Leading Complex Organizations (Term A)
  • EDUC 380  Leading Innovation  (Term B)

Year 1, Summer

  • EDUC 354  Applied Inquiry II
  • EDUC 367  Leadership in Diverse Organizations

       2 courses over 10 weeks  

Year 2, Fall

  • EDUC 322  Qualitative Research Design & Methods
  • Cognate Specialization Course

Year 2, Spring

  • EDUC 202 Statistical Thinking (Term A)
  • EDUC 325  Quantitative Research Design & Methods (Term B)
  • Cognate Specialization Course (entire semester)

Year 2, Summer

  • EDUC 356  Applied Inquiry III (Begin work with Dissertation Chair)
  • Cognate Specialization Course  

       2 courses over 10 weeks  

Year 3, Fall

  • EDUC 364  Educational Policy Making & Politics
  • EDUC 358  Applied Inquiry IV

Year 3, Spring

  • EDUC 359  Dissertation Boot Camp (Meetings and collaborative writing support spans through graduation, after the course ends)
  • Cognate Specialization Course  

Year 3, Summer

  • Register for EDUC 399 only if defending final dissertation

Year 4, Fall

  • EDUC 399 Doctoral Dissertation 
  • Defend Dissertation 

Year 4, Spring

  • Or defend Dissertation (Graduation Ceremony)

       Total Units Required for Graduation: 56
       Course sequence subject to change.  

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