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Humanities Center

"The humanities, done right, are the crucible in which our evolving notions of what it means to be fully human are put to the test; they teach us, incrementally, endlessly, not what to do, but how to be."
-- Mark Slouka 

Welcome to the Humanities Center at University of the Pacific. Focused on faculty, students, and the local community, the Humanities Center promotes the value of art, music, theatre and film, as well as the traditional humanities disciplines—classical and religious studies, philosophy, literature and languages.

The Humanities Center sponsors programs that deepen and enrich our experience of the humanities in many contexts. Through these programs we support:

  • Campus activities that promote co-curricular learning by giving students, faculty, and Stockton community members access to artists, scholars, writers, and thinkers from outside of the Pacific and Stockton communities that can enhance course topics and the greater intellectual and cultural climate of the university and city of Stockton.   

  • Digital humanities initiatives that develop research, teaching, and creative endeavors in this emerging field that bridges technology, computer science, and the humanities.  

  • Humanities-centered program development and activities that leverage our campuses in multiple cities to provide learning and career networking opportunities that benefit of a variety of students.  

  • Professional development conferences and other opportunities that help to prepare students for the next stage of their studies and career pursuits.  

  • Research and teaching-related programming developed by Pacific's teacher-scholars. 

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