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Teresa Bergman
Department Chair
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Tiger Talk - What Our Students Experience in Communication

Shandip, a Computer Science and Theater major, talks about how he has learned a lot from Communication courses he has taken even though a non-major.

Thalia, a Communication graduate student, explains how interpersonal communication theories help her be a more effective instructor.

Chris, a Communication graduate student, illustrates how understanding the elements of a newscast helps viewers be more critical of how the news is presented.

Hayley, a Communication major, describes how effective communication requires communicating in different ways with different audiences.

Andrew, a Communication major, displays his commitment and passion for participating on the Pacific Speech and Debate Team.

Jennifer, a Community Involvement Program scholarship recipient, talks about how communication skills help her work more effectively with the Stockton community.

Omar, a double major in Sociology and Communication, explains how his Communication courses help him perform better in his job as a resident assistant.

John Mark, a Communication major, relates how the Communication major lead him to become interested in pursuing work in radio as a career.