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Department of Economics
Sharon Donahue
Administrative Assistant
3601 Pacific Ave.
Stockton, CA 95211

Nathan Scholars

Based on the student's skills, Nathan Associates will develop a work plan and mentorship for the interns in one of their consulting areas:

  • Litigation support:  mostly formal economic analysis (quantitative) in the areas of anti-trust, financial sector, and labor markets.
  • International Development: focus trade facilitation and regional economic integration.
  • Infrastructure Planning and Economics: focus primarily on developing countries, private sector and government e.g. airports, communication, and energy.  Feasibility studies and impact analysis.
  • Business and Industry consulting: Market analysis, impact analysis, data analysis for firms and industries.

Learning outcomes:

  • Apply economic tools and theory to address practical real-world questions
  • Use qualitative and quantitative analysis skills for selected projects
  • Develop both oral and written communication skills
  • Develop networking skills in Washington D.C. with other working professionals

These learning outcomes align with Pacific's institutional learning objectives: Major Field competency, critical thinking, informational literacy, and quantitative reasoning.  The experience also aligns with Pacific's mission of "preparing individuals for lasting achievement and responsible leadership in their careers and communities."

Assessment of outcomes:

  • Series of presentations to Nathan Associates to assess whether interim targets have been met: delivery, content quality, accuracy, professionalism.
  • Assessment by mentor of the overall 3 month contribution of the student to the project/assignment.
  • Reflection paper written after completion of the internship submitted to faculty supervisor (Dr. King) describing skills developed during the internship, how learning outcomes were met and how the experience has furthered academic and career interests, abilities and goals.