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Non-Credit Options

Community members can take classes!

Are you interested in taking classes without pursuing a graduate degree?

Community members who have a bachelor's degree but do not plan to work for an advanced degree may enroll in select classes as an "unclassified student." 

Upon submission to the Office of the Registrar a simple, one-page application form and an official transcript showing a Bachelor's degree, community members may audit or enroll in a maximum of one course per semester, on a space-available basis, at the discretion of the faculty member. Course offerings are found on the program website.

Unclassified students are required to meet the same academic standards as other graduate students. Unclassified students pay the same tuition as matriculated students, currently $1119 per credit unit. Food Studies classes are 4 units.

 What if you decide you want to apply to the program?

Great! Unclassified students who decide they want to work for an advanced degree must make a formal application to the Food Studies program and be formally admitted by the Office of Graduate Studies as a student with full admission status. Please note, no more than 12 credits earned as an unclassified student may be applied toward an advanced degree.

Interested in learning more?

Please contact Food Studies at to set up a time to talk with the program director.