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Department of Sociology


Wendell Phillips Center, Second Floor
Sharon Donahue
Administrative Assistant
3611 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Welcome to the Department of Sociology. We are an active, thriving community where students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the social forces that influence the lives of people.

All of us, no matter our gender, color, creed or economic "worth," are—in the eyes of sociologists—small players in a large and complex world. Only by extending our limited perspectives beyond our personal lives can we begin to understand—and perhaps change—the social forces that define and constrain us. We like to call this understanding the "sociological imagination." It is at the heart of what sociology has to offer our students.

Aroosa Ahmed

Aroosa Ahmed: Success born from struggles

Meet Aroosa Ahmed '16, a psychology and sociology graduate poised to make a lasting and meaningful difference in all aspects of her life. Ahmed credits the individual attention she received at Pacific as the reason for her acceptance into the top graduate program in the country. Read the full story >>


What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of our social behaviors, our interactions with each other, and the ways we socially organize these behaviors and interactions. Because we all live in social worlds, we are constantly attempting to understand them. The goal of sociology is to make our everyday knowledge of these worlds more systematic and precise.

Sociology at Pacific

Our sociology majors are expected to involve themselves in some "experiential work" - usually off-campus - where they intern or work with others who are doing sociology as their life work. This gives our program an added dimension that many larger programs cannot provide. Not only do our students learn what sociology is, but they actually get involved in doing it themselves as a part of their major program.

Our students are very active in campus and community organizations, enriching their experience as sociology majors. The department works closely with other organizations and programs, such as the Gender and Ethnic Studies programs.

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