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Breakthrough Internship Fund

The Music Management "Breakthrough Internship" Fund FAQ

What is the Breakthrough Internship Fund?

It's a fund that has been created to help students complete an academic (for-credit) internship as a part of their undergraduate degree. A successful internship experience has proven to be one of the most significant factors in what kind of industry job students secure after college. However, since the great majority of music industry internships are unpaid, students often struggle to support themselves for basic housing and food expenses during the internship. The Breakthrough Internship Fund can help provide a portion of the funds needed to insure a student is able to accept and complete the internship.

Who is eligible?

Current Pacific students majoring in Music Management, Music Industry or Arts & Entertainment (in ESB). Students must be in good academic standing and be enrolled as a full time student. They must also have permission of their faculty advisor and enroll in MMGT 87, 187 or BUSI 183, either during the internship or in the semester immediately following it.

What kinds of expenses are covered?

The fund is set up to provide supplemental funds for short-term housing, meals and local transportation. It is not intended to provide 100% funding or any type of stipend or salary to the intern. Actual costs must be used in the budget proposal and any funding is subject to student verification of her/his actual expenses.

How many grants will be awarded annually?

The current amount in the Breakthrough Internship Fund is sufficient to support two to three successful applicants being funded each academic year for the next three to four years. The average award is dependent on expenses, but averages approximately two thousand dollars. A student's individual grant award will be based on the actual student need using the student's approved budget submission. As the programs in music business at Pacific continue to grow, it is the goal to continue to solicit contributions to further strengthen the Breakthrough Internship Fund so that eventually all qualified students with a demonstrated need can receive some support.

How to Apply?