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String quartet performing in the DeRosa University Center for other Pacific studentsStudent Chris Hewitt playing piano in Faye Spanos Concert HallBreanne Betourne taking notes in Theory class
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Conservatory Admissions
Faye Spanos Concert Hall
Jessica Siena
Director of Conservatory Admissions
Conservatory of Music
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Minoring in Music

The Conservatory of Music offers a Music Minor to university students with an interest and ability in music. Students interested in minoring in music are required to audition either during the regular audition days or just before the start of the semester. Students admitted to the music minor program will be assigned a faculty advisor to direct their course of study.

Prospective students should contact Head of Conservatory Admissions Jessica Siena to arrange an audition.

Current students should contact Coordinator of Academic Affairs and Student Services Jennifer Goodwin for an application.

Minor Requirements

In order to earn a minor in music, students must complete a minimum of 21 units and 10 courses with a Pacific minor gpa of 2.0. For specific course requirements, please refer to the University's General Catalog.

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