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Joji Yuasa

[Joji Yuasa]

Joji Yuasa is first of all a composer, one whose work has long aroused international acclaim. He was born in Kôriyama, Japan in 1929. Few composers have so effectively concerned themselves with creating such a variety of journeys through musical time and space, in works for orchestra, media, chamber ensembles and soloists, utilizing Western and Japanese traditional resources as well as advanced computer technology. He has written music for concert hall, films, radio, television and also international exhibitions. Yuasa’s signature work is probably the 1960’s classic ICON on the source of White Noise, while the 1992 orchestral work, Eye on Genesis II, has emerged as another likely candidate.

Yuasa has been awarded commissions from the Koussevitzky and Suntory foundations, IRCAM, the Canada Council, the Helsinki Philharmonic, NHK Symphony, Saarland Radio Symphony, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus, among others. His works have been performed at numerous major festivals including ISCM World Music Days, Warsaw Autumn, Horizons ’84, the Darmstadt courses, the Pacific Ring Festival, the Asia Pacific Festival in New Zealand and New Music Concerts in Toronto.

Yuasa co-founded the interdisciplinary avant-garde Japanese artistic group Jikkenkôbô, co-organized the seminal Cross Talk concert and intermedia series, and organized the bi-annual Kôriyama Computer Music festivals in Japan. He serves frequently on prestigious juries – in particular, long and distinguished service for the International ISCM—and has been a regular faculty member at UCSD since 1981 until 1994.

At the beginning of the Fall 1994, he shifted the center of his bi-continental life back to Japan where he is presently teaching at three Universities in Tokyo.

His works have been recorded on Camerata, Denon, Deutsche Grammophon (forthcoming), EMI, Fontec, King, Neuma, Ondine, Sony, Toshiba, and Wergo compact discs, and are published by Ongaku no Tomo sha and Schott of Japan.