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Spring Newsletter 2019

Spring Concert, featuring winners of our 19th Annual CVYS Concerto Competition: Sophia Jin and Owen Yang, Pianists.

Sunday, May 5, 2019
12 pm Symphony Call
1:30 pm Preparatory Call
3 pm Concert, in Faye Spanos Concert Hall
Tickets available online in advance or at the box office 30 min before the concert (remember to allow time!)
Outdoor reception after the Concert, on the Lawn in front of FSCH

Students should arrive in their concert clothing per usual. All students will sit in the audience to watch the group you do not play with. Families should plan on bringing one package/tray of cookies or other treats for the reception.

We will have postcards and posters available at April rehearsals for the concert. Tell your friends! We'd love to see them all at our season-ending celebration.

Registration for the 2019-20 season: Students/families returning to CVYS for the upcoming season are encouraged to visit and register before our Spring Concert. The online registration forms will be the same as last year, and tuition is unchanged. It will be very helpful for CVYS to have your updated registration info on hand before the end of the current season, so we can contact you this summer about next season, and pre-register you for Canvas so you can download next season's music by August 1.

Coming soon: a link on our website for making a donation/gift to the Friends of CVYS. This link will be available on our website after April 15. Your gifts to CVYS will be used specifically on CVYS activities only, and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Contact for more info.

Parent meeting: Tuesday April 30, 6:30 pm in the Recital Hall. One last chance for this season to update families on our activities, as well as encourage volunteers to help with Snacks, Symphony Wear, Concert Day, and other needs. See you all there!

Auditions for 2019-2020: We will be holding auditions for new students, as well as for Preparatory Students hoping to advance into the Symphony, on Tuesday, May 7. All students must sign up for an audition time on our website, no later than Monday, May 6. Symphony students, and Preparatory students intending to stay in Preparatory, need not audition until our August seating auditions.

Please tell your friends, private teachers and public school teachers about our auditions. We will have flyers that fold out into posters, available at April rehearsals to spread the word!

Pacific Community Music School is up and running. Families interested in finding a private lesson teacher for your children, Pacific is now the place to find these resources. Visit the following link for more information:

On behalf of Shane Kalbach, our student coaches, Pacific faculty and staff, and our wonderful parent volunteers, thanks to everyone for making this season a wonderful success! Congratulations to our graduating seniors and their families on their high school success, and all best wishes for your future studies! For our returning students and families, we wish you healthy and rewarding summers, and be sure to check your email in July for news on August seating auditions.

Have a wonderful spring concert everyone!

Thomas Derthick Music Director

Winter Newsletter 2019

Happy New Year! Shane Kalbach and I hope that all of our CVYS families had restful and healthy holidays! We look forward to seeing everyone at rehearsal and our parent meeting Tuesday, January 8.

Here is a Winter update as to future CVYS activities:
19th Annual Concerto Competition was held this past Sunday, January 6th.  Our congratulations to all the participants for their hard work and artistry! The winners of this year's competition will perform with CVYS on our Spring Concert. They are:

  • Sophia Jin, Piano Beethoven Concerto #1
  • Owen Yang, Piano Schumann Concerto

Thanks to Dr. Patricia Shands, Professor of Clarinet and Director of Chamber Music, for serving with Shane and I on the audition panel.

Snack sign-ups: there are a few openings left for the spring semester. Carol Dingle and Marie Versteeg will seek to fill these at the January 8 parent meeting. Contact if any questions, or if you would like to volunteer to help bring snacks at any time this coming semester.

Community Music School: at our last parent meeting, Dr. Hendel Almetus of the Conservatory of Music made a brief presentation about Pacific's plans to create a Community Music School at the Conservatory.  We're pleased to let you know that this plan will be active in the next few weeks!  An update will be on our website shortly so families whose students are not currently taking private lessons might be able to study with Pacific faculty or advanced students. Best of all-sign up and payments will be done on the same website as CVYS application and payment. Contact Mr. Derthick at if any questions.

Winter Concert: please note that our Winter Concert is on a Saturday evening, not the normal Sunday afternoon, due to availability of the Faye Spanos Concert Hall. Here is the concert information:
CVYS Winter ConcertSaturday
February 9, 7:30 PM
Faye Spanos Concert Hall, University of the Pacific

Symphony warm up rehearsal starts at 4 pmM, Preparatory at 5:30 pm.
We will have water and snacks, but families may want to plan on a "brown bag" dinner, or a quick trip to local restaurants for dinner. There should be enough time for students/families to make dinner arrangements between the symphony/prep rehearsal times and the concert time. Tickets will be available at the box office at or at the door. Allow extra time to buy your tickets. (Remember the lines last fall?) All students sit in the Concert Hall when they are not performing!
Symphony Wear: by now, everyone should have their concert dress purchased for the Winter Concert. Contact us immediately at if any questions or problems.  Information on Symphony Wear can be found on the website.

Canvas: everyone should now have access to Canvas for downloading of music. Contact immediately if any problems. All of the music for the Spring Concert, with the exception of the Concerto Competition winners' selections, should be online now. I expect the Concerti to be posted on Canvas by February 12.
Looking forward to seeing everyone starting Tuesday, January 8!


Holiday Newsletter, November 25

Schedule Update: February 9 Winter Concert Time now 7:30 PM

Due to scheduling complications with both facilities and staffing for Faye Spanos Concert Hall on the day of our Winter Concert, Saturday February 9th, we have decided to move the concert time to 7:30 PM. (Previously it had been at 4 PM.) Warm up rehearsal time will be 4 PM for Symphony, 5:30 for Preparatory Orchestra. Please mark your calendars!

Concerto Competition: Last Chance to Apply this Tuesday

Due to the last-minute cancellation of our 11/20 rehearsal due to the hazardous air conditions on campus, we've extended the application deadline for the Concerto Competition to this Tuesday evening. Students intending to audition should have paid the application fee online, and email me your composer and repertoire information, by that time. I hope to have an audition schedule for the competition participants by the end of the first week in December.  Auditions are Sunday, January 6th, starting at 1 PM in the Recital Hall.

Holiday Party, Tuesday, December 4, 6 PM

Our annual CVYS Holiday Party will be held on our last Tuesday rehearsal day before our Holiday break, 12/4 starting at 6 PM.  Symphony students should plan on coming to rehearsal early that evening to get some pizza, snacks and fun before we start our rehearsal sometime after 7 PM. Mr. Derthick and Mr. Kalbach will perform our annual "Stump the Band" stunt, where students call out their favorite Holiday songs (and the key if we are brave!) and we will try to play them on the spot! (That means you all have to sing!) Thanks to our volunteer parents for making the food and beverages happen!

Last Call: Tuition due

We are very grateful for those who have paid their tuition through the fall semester. There are still a couple of families who have not yet paid tuition since the beginning of the fall, and of course we have new and returning students who are just now starting up for the spring semester. Please do your best to pay all tuition by the end of the calendar year. Payments can be made on our website, or by check (made out to University of the Pacific, and write on the memo line "CVYS"-but it is much easier and more secure to pay online!). Contact Mr. Derthick at if any questions or concerns. Thanks! 

First Rehearsal after the Holiday Break, January 8, plus a Parent Meeting

Just a reminder: our first rehearsal after the Winter Break will be Tuesday, January 8 at the usual times. We will have a Parent Meeting at 6:30 that evening to complete snack volunteer sign ups, as well as a few other loose ends.

We wish you all a healthy and happy holiday season! Our warmest wishes for Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Festive Kwanzaa and a Special Winter Solstice to all. Be safe and well, and see you in January.


October 8, 2018

Mr. Kalbach and I hope that everyone is enjoying the music we've chosen, and that you are as excited about our upcoming Fall Concert as we are!  Here are some updates on upcoming events in the 2018/19 season:

Canvas! Members of both orchestras who are new this Fall to CVYS should have received an invitation to join Canvas (from in the past week.  Additionally, we have manually sent new invitations to returning members who were not able to sign up for Canvas in July/August.  Several of you have successfully signed up in the past few days.  We need everyone in both Symphony and Preparatory Orchestras to be signed up by the end of October, as you will all be downloading your music for the November rehearsals from the Canvas site!  Contact Mr. Derthick at if any problems or questions.

Concerto Competition: as announced last week in rehearsal, registration for our 19th Annual Concerto Competition is active on the CVYS website!  CVYS members need not register-just send an email to with the name of your concerto and its composer, and on the website, pay the $50 registration fee. If you have friends interested in the competition who are not CVYS members, they can register using our website tools (use the member registration, and click "concerto competition"), and pay the $50 registration fee on the website as well.  Rules and regulations for the Concerto Competition may be found on the website, in the left hand column of the home page. Deadline for registration is T 11/21. The competition will be held Sunday, 1/6/19 in the Recital Hall, with winners performing with the CVYS Symphony on our spring concert.

Fall Concert Coming Soon! 

Dress rehearsal: T 10/30, usual rehearsal times and place (allow extra time this evening, as our guest choirs will be here!)

Concert Day: Sunday 11/4

  • Symphony warm-up rehearsal 12 noon in Concert Hall (with guest choirs from Tracy USD)
  • Preparatory warm-up 1:45, also in the Concert Hall. Concert starts at 3 PM. Come in your concert clothes! (All students sit in the Hall watching when they are not performing!)

Symphony Wear: by now, everyone should have their concert dress purchased for the Fall Concert.  Contact us immediately at if any questions or problems.  Information on Symphony Wear can be found on the website.

Holiday Party!  We'll have our annual holiday party during the last rehearsal before our holiday break, T 12/4 at 6 PM, for both Symphony and Preparatory Orchestras. We are looking for parent volunteers to help with food, beverages and sweets. Contact Mr. Derthick at if you can help! 

As the evenings get darker, sooner, we encourage you all to leave more time to get to rehearsal every Tuesday!  Drive safely!

July 25, 2018

Welcome to all CVYS students and families to our 2018-19 season, our first as a part of the University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music!   To the greatest extent possible, CVYS and Pacific will make the CVYS experience as much like past seasons as we can.  Auditions will be in the usual format, rehearsals at the same time and in the same place, and concert days as similar to the past as is possible. (One notable exception will be the day of our Winter Concert, which will be a Saturday afternoon due to the unavailability of concert facilities on Sundays during the winter.)  

The most significant change will be that most communication between CVYS and our member families will be online!  Pacific has created a new website, that will include all of the information previously done either on paper or by "snail mail."  On the new website, you will find the following: 

  • Calendar for the 2018 season
  • Registration forms
  • Parent Contract (because a signature is required, these must be printed and signed, and returned to CVYS either at your audition or at the first rehearsal)
  • Handbook, with our rules and regulations, as well as Symphony Wear information
  • Payment of tuition fees (online)
  • Signups for seating audition times (online)
  • Fall, Winter and Spring Newsletters
  • Concerto Competition applications  

We hope to have online registration ready in early August-check the website to see when the software package is available.  If you would prefer not to wait, and/or to register on paper, a pdf of our registration form is available now on the website.  Please bring this form to your audition or the first rehearsal if you choose not to register online.  (Preferable that you use the online link when it is ready.)   We encourage you to visit the new website immediately, and become familiar with all of its functions. We also have a new email and phone number, both associated with Pacific.  You may leave messages for either Mr. Derthick or Mr. Kalbach at 1 (209) 946-CVYS (946-2897), or contact either of us by email at  

One notable change: this year CVYS will be using a new web based tool to distribute your sheet music. In the coming days you will receive and email invitation from "Pacific Canvas <>" to join the CVYS "course". Please use the "Get Started" link in the email to accept the invitation and set a password for yourself in Canvas. To access the CVYS area of Canvas in the future, navigate to "" (no quotes). To login, use your email address in the field labeled "PacificNetID Username". If you need to reset your Canvas password, use the link "Non-PacificNet account holders password reset".   Be sure to locate the proper file folder for your instrument, for example "1st violins" or "2nd violins" or "clarinets" or "trumpets."  If you are a wind or brass player, download 1st parts for your audition, and the assigned parts for the Winter and Spring Concerts.  Violinists, for the auditions download either the part you played last season, or the one you would like to play this season.  Mr. Derthick will assign 1st and 2nd parts after auditions are complete.  For the Winter and Spring concerts, download the parts you have been assigned.  

CVYS Preparatory Students: please note that music for the first concert will be distributed at the first rehearsal.  You will use the Pacific Canvas site to download music for the Winter and Spring Concerts, using the process outlined above.   If you have any questions or problems accessing Pacific Canvas or downloading the music, please contact Mr. Derthick  or Mr. Kalbach at or at our new phone number, 1(209) 946-CVYS (946-2897)  

Below are some notable dates you will want to mark in your calendars:  

August 28, 29 and 30, 4-8:30 PM each day: Seating Auditions for 2018-19, and Auditions for new members, in Buck Hall 105. Auditions are by appointment. Appointments are no longer made by phone. Use the audition link on the CVYS website.  

Tuesday, September 4: First rehearsal day of the 2018-19 season, and our first parent meeting.

  • Preparatory Orchestra Rehearsal, 5-6:15 PM in the Instrumental Rehearsal Hall (IRH)
  • Parent meeting, 6:30-7 PM in Buck Hall
  • Symphony Rehearsal, 6:30-8:30 in IRH  

Sunday, November 4: Fall Concert, featuring Choruses from the Tracy Unified High Schools   

Sunday, January 6: 19th Annual CVYS Concerto Competition (applications on the website in October)

Saturday, February 9, 2019: Winter Concert (note different day and start time than normal)  

Sunday, May 5, 2019: Spring Concert, featuring winners of our 19th Annual Concerto Competition   

Tuesday, May 7, 2019: Auditions for New Members/Preparatory Students moving up for 2019/20  

CVYS Families: our first parent meeting of the 2018-19 season is particularly important, as members of the Pacific staff will be available to answer your questions.  As we have done in previous years, we will be seeking parent volunteers for many different and necessary CVYS functions, including Snack Coordinator/sign up for snack volunteers, Concert Day Volunteers, Symphony Wear, and other duties necessary to bring our students' music to the concert stage.   We look forward to seeing you all at auditions, and on the first day of the new season, the beginning of a new partnership between your CVYS and the Pacific Conservatory of Music!  

Thomas Derthick, Music Director                      Shane Kalbach, Prepartory Orchestra Conductor

1(209) 946-CVYS (2897)