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Conservatory of Music
phone: 209.946.2415
fax: 209.946.2770
Peter Witte
Faye Spanos Concert Hall
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Conservatory Faculty

Our faculty are internationally known and recognized for both performance and scholarly activities. Their dedication is reflected in the success of our students.

View the faculty directory by program

Hendel Almetus Music Theory & Composition
Jorge Barriere Music Management & Music Industry
Jennie Blomster Brass & Percussion
Ruth V. Brittin Music Education
Maya Charlton Music Therapy
Scott Choate Brass and Percussion
Yejee Choi  Ensembles and Conducting
Sarah Clemmens Waltz Music History
Robert Coburn Music Theory and composition; Music Technology
Andrew Conklin Music Theory & Composition
Jeffrey D. Crawford Music Management & Music Industry; Music Technology
Thomas Derthick Strings
Sandra Dolores Music Management & Music Industry
Michael Downing Brass & Percussion 
Jamie Dubberly Jazz Studies
Eric Duddley Ensembles & Conducting
Daniel Ebbers Voice & Opera
Jennifer Geiger Music Therapy 
Pat Grimm Piano
James Haffner Voice & Opera; Ensembles & Conducting 
Eric Hammer Ensembles & Conducting; Music Education
Keith N. Hatschek Music Management & Music Industry; Music Technology
David Henderson Woodwinds
Fei Lin Hsiao Music Therapy 
Elizabeth Keithcart Music Education
Brian Kendrick Jazz Studies
Sabine Klein Piano
Mathew Krejci Woodwinds 
Nicolasa Kuster Woodwinds
Patrick Langham Ensembles & Conducting; Jazz Studies 
Sonia Leong Piano
Michelle Manghise Music Management & Music Industry
Ann Miller Strings
Brook Moes Music Education
Karen Moran Music Therapy 
Dana Myers Music Management & Music Industry
Thomas Nugent Woodwinds 
Leonard Ott Brass & Percussion
Stephen Perdicaris Brass & Percussion
Tom Peron Jazz Studies
Margaret Perry Piano; Music Theory & Composition 
Burr Phillips Voice & Opera
Gerry Pineda Jazz Studies
Dashiel Reed Music Theory & Composition 
Alexander Reyes Jazz Studies
Jason Roth Music Management & Music Industry 
Randall Sandoli Jazz Studies
Patricia Shands Ensembles & Conducting; Woodwinds
Travis Silvers Strings
Andrew Snyder Music History 
Monica Swope Piano
Igor Veligan String
Eric Waldon Music Therapy
Nicolas Waldvogel Ensembles & Conducting 
Vicky Wang Strings
Lynelle Frankforter Wiens Voice & Opera
Frank Wiens Piano
Beverly Wilcox Music History
Eric Wood Music Theory & Composition; Music History
Maya Zebley Music Therapy

Emeritus Faculty
Stanworth Beckler*, music theory
J. Russell Bodley*, Dean
Al Brown, percussion
George Buckbee*, Dean, opera
Rex Cooper, piano
Donald DaGrade, bassoon/saxophone
William Dominik, clarinet*, clarinet
Richard Etlinger, music management
Wolfgang Fetsch, piano
Dale Fjerstad, trumpet, concert band
Joan Coulter Garn, piano
Lois Harrison, music education
Charles DeWolf LaMond*, piano, theory
Ira Lehn, cello, Dean
George Nemeth, horn/music history
Carl Nosse, Dean, music theory
Audrey O'Connell*, music therapy
Charles Schilling*, organ
Preston Stedman*, Dean
Elizabeth Lou Spelts*, voice
Warren van Bronkhorst, violin
William Whitesides, voice
David E. Wolfe, music therapy