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Cynthia Eakin
Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Accounting
Eberhardt School of Business
Weber Hall Suite 208
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Core Area Concentrations


Complete one of the following concentrations:

Note 1) A student is required to take at least four concentration courses, one of which must be an international concentration course. 2) A number of concentrations require more than four courses.

Core Area Concentrations

BUSI 113A Intermediate Accounting I 4
BUSI 113B Intermediate Accounting II 4
Select one of the following: 4
BUSI 163
International Financial Management
BUSI 178
International Commercial Law
Select two of the following: 8
Advanced Accounting
BUSI 115
Tax Accounting
BUSI 117
Cost Accounting
BUSI 119
ECON 101 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis 4
ECON 190 Econometrics 4
Select two ECON Electives (courses above 100) 8
Select one of the following: 4
ECON 121
International Trade
ECON 123
International Finance
ECON 125
Economic Development
BUSI 121 Financial Markets 4
BUSI 123 Investment Analysis 4
BUSI 125 Intermediate Financial Management 4
BUSI 163 International Financial Management 4
International Business * *
INTL 077 Contemporary World Issues 4
INTL 081 Perspectives on World History 4
INTL 151 Cross-Cultural Training I 2
INTL 161 Cross-Cultural Training II 2
Select one of the following groups: 9-12
Group A
BUSI 163
International Financial Management
Plus two upper-division finance concentration courses
Group B
BUSI 165
International Marketing
Plus two upper-division marketing concentration courses
Group C
BUSI 169
International Management
Plus two upper-division management concentration courses
Group D
BUSI 178
International Commercial Law
Plus two upper-division law concentration courses
One additional international BUSI course 4
BUSI 141 Marketing Research 4
BUSI 165 International Marketing 4
Select two of the following: 8
BUSI 142
Personal Selling and Sales Management
BUSI 143
Product Innovation
BUSI 147
Consumer Behavior
BUSI 148
Promotions Management
BUSI 149
Strategic Marketing
Management Information Systems **
BUSI 137 Database Management Systems 4
BUSI 138 Networking and Telecommunications Management 4
BUSI 139 Electronic Commerce Project 4
COMP 051 Introduction to Computer Science 4
Select one of the following: 4
BUSI 163
International Financial Management
BUSI 165
International Marketing
BUSI 169
International Management
BUSI 178
International Commercial Law
Management and Human Resources
BUSI 169 International Management 4
BUSI 170 Human Resources Management 4
Select two of the following: 8
BUSI 134
Conflict Management
BUSI 159
Employment Law
BUSI 174
Creating Effective Work Teams
BUSI 175
Leadership and Change

Each student who concentrates in international business is required to complete one year of a foreign language or to show competency as determined by the Modern Languages department. Each student also is required to study abroad for one semester. The study abroad term can be during the fall, spring, or summer semesters. International students may choose to go abroad but are not required to go abroad. International students may not spend their study abroad term in their home country.


MIS students are strongly encouraged to purchase an up-to-date laptop computer for use in MIS classes.