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Willard Price, PhD



Phone: 209.946.2638


University of Pittsburg, Ph.D. and MPWA in Public Administration/Management Science/Systems Management

University of California Berkeley, B.S. in Civil Engineering

Will Price was the Professor of Operations Management and Engineering Management. His primary teaching responsibilities for the Eberhardt School of Business included Operations Management, Managing Quality and Productivity, and Supply Chain Management for undergraduate and graduate courses. His research interests are built upon his graduate study (management science applications in production systems), academic experience (quality/productivity in manufacturing and service sectors), undergraduate study (water resources, infrastructure and seaports), and US Navy experience (supply chain and logistics operations).

Dr. Price has an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. His masters and Ph.D. degrees were completed at the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, in Public Administration/Management Science with a minor in Systems Management through Industrial Engineering and Business Administration. Professor Price has been on the faculty of University of Pittsburgh, University of Arizona and University of Southern California. Dr. Price's research and publications are currently focused on supply chain operations and infrastructure investment, seaport security, flood protection and disaster management, service operations and queuing theory. He consults in operations management and quality improvement for clients in the public and private sector. Dr. Price is currently an appointed member of the San Joaquin County Advisory Water Commission.