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Past Recipients


Business Leader: Sacramento Municipal Utility District

SMUD For 70 years, SMUD has promoted STEM education and career awareness throughout the Sacramento region. With the help of their community partners,SMUD reaches thousands of students each year and provides robust support for educator training and student engagement, career awareness and support,energy and conservation events, and curriculum development. SMUD is committed to growing the next generation of STEM leaders. In 2016, the utility company expanded its high school and college internship program and launched a new scholarship program called "Powering Futures"that includes a paid internship for every recipient.

Community Leader: Dr. Dennis DelPaine 

Dennis DelPaine When Dr. DelPaine spoke to patients who were teachers, they reinforced that early exposure to books was key. There were already programs to put books in homes, so what was really needed was someone there every night to read to them. An Ann Landers column supplied the answer: a woman dying of breast cancer, whose great joy was reading to her grandchildren, made recordings to leave behind for them. From those simple facts, the Read at Home Foundation was born and now seven years later, books on CD are available in 22 classrooms across 12 school sites serving approximately 450 children. In September 2017, the program will add two additional school sites and eight more classrooms reaching 200 more children with an ultimate goal of serving all Title I and Title II schools in Stockton.

Education Leader: Tom Whitesides

For the past 31 years, Tom Whitesides has dedicated his life to making the lives of children with exceptional needs and their families better. He spent eleven years as a Special Education Teacher, working with students with mild to moderate disabilities, students who are hearing impaired, and students with moderate to severe disabilities. Now in his 20th year as a principal, Mr. Whitesides serves as the administrator of the renowned Walton Special Center. The Walton Special Center is a state-of-the-art educational facility created by Stockton Unified School District to enhance the lives of students with severe to profound disabilities. It has become a quality program and facility today because of Mr. Whitesides' tireless commitment and advocacy for quality programming, teacher development and parent support.

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