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The Benerd Difference

You Have Interests. We Have Options

What kind of professional do you want to be? Maybe you want to help elementary students grasp the fundamentals. Perhaps you have a passion for making high school seniors fall in love with physics. Maybe you feel driven to change lives in the field of Special Education. You might want to start a new community-based non-profit or facilitate learning in a corporate setting. Whatever your interests, our impressive range of degree and credential programs will give you the expertise and breadth of experience to excel in any setting.

A Cutting-Edge Curriculum

How do you become an effective professional? Our faculty can help you find the answer. Each of our instructors possess years of teaching experience, and many are still actively engaged as teachers, school psychologists, consultants, or administrators at our partner- schools and organizations. Their up-to-date experience grounds our curriculum, ensuring that when you graduate from our program, you'll enter the workforce with the most current and relevant preparation available.

Real Life Work from the Very Beginning

Our students don't just learn about their subject - they actually become teachers, leaders, and learning professionals well before they graduate. As a student in our program, you'll have extensive structured fieldwork every semester that is linked to your course work. Our partnerships with the Central Valley's many school districts, after-school tutoring programs, and other organizations enable you to experience a diverse array of settings. Proof that this kind of real world experience pays off? An extraordinary number of our graduates quickly earn Teacher of the Year awards at the district, state and national level. It's true testimony to the quality of our program and the degree to which our students graduate ready to excel as teachers and mentors.

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