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Benerd School of Education in Sacramento

University of the Pacific
3200 Fifth Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95817

Doctor of Education, Educational & Organizational Leadership in Sacramento

Doctorate for Innovators and Creators

Sacramento EdD Curriculum | Action-Oriented Dissertation Process | Admissions Process | Tuition, Fees and Scholarships

We offer a unique and transformative experience for practitioners interested in the study and practice of learning, leadership, and change.  

Our students focus on a system and innovation perspective to make real and lasting changes in our learning system.

Program Format 
Our EdD program uses a hybrid online/face-to-face format. Students attend interactive, online evening courses two nights per week. The program also includes a one-weekend residency at the Sacramento campus each month. Cohort 5 of the Sacramento EdD program will begin in Fall 2018.


Connect with Us 
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Curriculum Questions? Contact Delores McNair, or 916.340.6098
Admissions Process Questions? Contact Katrina Jaggears, or 916.340.6151

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