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Special Education

As a Special Education teacher, you help move beyond the "disabled" label and grow to meet their true potential. Special Education requires creativity, patience, tolerance and flexibility. You will, after all, work with students who possess a wide range of needs and abilities. The reward, however, are unrivaled: every day you spend working with a young person will be a day spent improving their lives. 

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Pacific admits students for fall and spring semesters. Please visit Admissions for complete admission requirements.
Your adviser will provide you with a four year plan that sequences courses for the major and courses for the teaching credential. We have built in courses for the major that double count for general education. Click on the icon to view a sample study plan.
An Education Specialist Credential authorizes the holder to teach children with special needs at the elementary and secondary level. The Education Specialist Credentials for Mild/Moderate (M/M), and Moderate/Severe (M/S) Disabilities, are stand-alone credentials that do not require a general education credential as a prerequisite. 
Our students don't just learn to teach-they actually become teachers well before they graduate. Gaining experience in the schools will follow and support your development as a teacher. It's a supportive and proven approach that provides aspiring teachers the experience they need to excel in the classroom.
We're committed to making your education affordable. In fact, nearly 75 percent of all pacific students receive some form of financial aid, with an average financial aid package of $22,000. We work hard to make sure that every student admitted to our program has access to the full array of loans, grants and scholarships.
View a repository of courses and course descriptions offered at Benerd School of Education. This list of courses will help you to understand the topics and teachings our school focuses on.

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