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Civil Engineering
Chambers Technology Center 102
Gaby Roider
Administrative Assistant
School of Engineering and Computer Science
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Mary Kay Camarillo

Associate Professor


Phone: 209.946.3056

Office Location

Chambers 220


Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis, 2009

M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis, 2004

B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Washington, 1996

Registered Professional Engineer in Washington and California

Curriculum Vitae 

Dr. Camarillo specializes in environmental engineering, specifically in water and wastewater treatment. Dr. Camarillo grew up in Seattle and graduated with a BS in civil engineering in the mid 90s. After graduation she moved to the Portland, OR area and worked in industry. As a consulting engineer she worked on planning, designing, and providing construction services for water and wastewater infrastructure. During this time she also became a licensed Professional Engineer.

Although she loved working, Dr. Camarillo wanted to further her education so she returned to school after working in industry for seven years. While only planning to pursue a MS degree, Dr. Camarillo found that she really enjoyed academic work and completed both MS and PhD degrees at the University of California, Davis. During that time she was advised by Jeannie Darby and Frank Loge.

Since coming to Pacific in 2009 Dr. Camarillo has embraced the teacher-scholar role. In the classroom she encourages active participation and students may find themselves testing water quality, analyzing ethics case studies, learning new software, visiting the local treatment plant, or making concrete. Dr. Camarillo values engineering education and encourages students to make the most of their experience in school. She also advises students in research projects and independent projects.

At Pacific Dr. Camarillo continues to be an active researcher. She collaborates with scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and works on projects related to biomass energy, water quality in the San Joaquin River, sewer odors, and environmental impacts of oil/gas production. Her scholarly work focuses on environmental issues in California. One notable project involved compiling scientific data on well stimulation in California in order to assist the state legislature in policy implementation. Each year Dr. Camarillo collaborates with the McGeorge School of Law to host the Tchobanoglous Water Lecture Series, an event focusing on interdisciplinary topics related to water.

In her personal time Dr. Camarillo enjoys spending time with her family, consisting of her husband, two kids, and a variable number of rabbits. She is an active volunteer in the North Stockton 4-H club. Her hobbies include yoga, reading, cooking, and learning Spanish—feel free to stop by and practice!


Environmental Engineering
Construction Management


Treatment of wastewater from oil and gas production
Biomass energy
Watershed management
Water reclamation and reuse


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