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Mechanical Engineering
Khoury Hall 103
Stacey Nunes
Administrative Assistant
School of Engineering and Computer Science
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Said Shakerin (on leave)

Registered Mechanical Engineer in California


Phone: 209.946.2377

Office Location

CSB 110


Life-Long Learning, completed equivalent of 42 days of workshops and short courses since 1986

Ph.D., Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, 1986

M.S., Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, 1981

B.S., Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, 1979

Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering, Sharif (formerly Arya-Mehr) University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 1974-1978

Said Shakerin has been with the Department of Mechanical Engineering since 1986. He served as Department Chairman in the mid-1990's but stepped down due to an illness. 

He has been a speaker at local organizations serving adult learners, such as OLLI@Pacific. His other outreach included science fair judging, show-and-tell presentations to school students (including 2nd graders), and science and art exhibitions at the University Library.

Some highlights have been authorship of cover stories and several supervised students receiving local, regional, and national awards.


Fluid Motion Inspired Art
Informal Science Education


Five flow visualization demonstration devices, Apparatus Competition (AAPT), Washington, DC, 2018, received four prizes in the low-cost apparatus category.

"Wood Delights," 16 sculptures, Library, University of the Pacific, Nov. 2017 - Mar. 2018

"Visual Delights: I-IV," 4 posters & 7 demos, Gallery of Fluid Motion*, Denver, CO, 2017

"Wood Delights," wood sculptures, Homecoming, University of the Pacific, 2016

Four flow visualization demonstration devices, Apparatus Competition (AAPT), Sacramento, CA, 2016, First Place Award and two Honorable mentions

"Flow Fantasy," 3 interactive displays, Library, University of the Pacific, 2014-2017

"Photogenic Fluids: I-IV," 4 posters & 3 demonstration devices, Gallery of Fluid Motion, San Francisco, CA, 2014

"Fluid Motion," curated science-based photo exhibit, Library, University of the Pacific, July-October 2013

Four posters, Gallery of Fluid Motion, San Diego, CA, 2012

"Bubbles, Drops, and Streams," interactive display, Library, University of the Pacific, 2012-2014

Two posters, Gallery of Fluid Motion, Long Beach, CA, 2010

*Gallery of Fluid Motion is an annual exhibition sponsored by the Division of Fluid Dynamics, American Physical Society.


"Mysterious Soda Can," The Physics Teacher, to appear, with Ed Pejack.

"Fluids Demonstrations: Trailing Vortices, Plateau Border, Angle of Repose, Flow Instability," The Physics Teacher, Vol. 56 (4), pp. 248-252, 2018.  

"Soap Bubble Clusters in Thin Enclosures," M. Emmer, M. Abate, M. Falcone, M. Villarreal, eds., Imagine Math 5: Between Culture and Mathematics, Unione Matematica Italiana, Bologna & IVSLA, Venice, pp. 119-126, 2016. Invited  

"25+ Years of the Hubble Space Telescope and a Simple Mistake That Cost Millions," The Physics Teacher, Vol. 54 (8), pp. 480-481, 2016.  

"Angle of Repose," Visual Physics (Column), The Physics Teacher, Vol. 54 (3), p. 192, 2016.  

"Drops in 2D," Visual Physics (Column), The Physics Teacher, Vol. 54 (1), p. 64, 2016, and with editors' correction in Vol. 54 (2), p. 128, 2016.  

"Serious Fun: Using Toys to Demonstrate Fluid Mechanics Principles," The Physics Teacher, Vol. 52 (6), pp. 332-335, 2014. Addendum: "Fluid Flow Disruption," Vol. 52 (8), p. 454, 2014. First author: C. Saviz.  

"Physics Trick - Balanced Can," The Physics Teacher, Vol. 51 (9), p. 511, 2013.  

"Helicopter Toy and Lift Estimation," The Physics Teacher, Vol. 51 (5), p. 310, 2013

"Photogenic Fluids," Mechanical Engineering, Vol. 135 (3), p. 84, 2013

"Lotus Effect Toy," The Physics Teacher, Vol. 49 (6), pp. 346-347, 2011 (cover article)

"Vortex Apparatus and Demonstrations," The Physics Teacher, Vol. 48 (5), pp. 316-318, 2010

"Rube and His Impact," Mechanical Engineering, Vol. 132 (2), p. 64, 2010