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Master of Science in Data Science
Dina Dell'Aringa
Administrative Assistant
School of Engineering and Computer Science

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University of the Pacific's MS in Data Science program uses a hybrid approach that combines the convenience of online learning with hands-on experience in the classroom. Online sessions are taught on weekday evenings, and classroom sessions are taught on the weekends. All courses are conducted live, with your professors, including the online, interactive sessions. All lectures are recorded so that students can review them later, if necessary. 

The program culminates with the Capstone Project, which gives students the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained by working with industry professionals to solve a real-world problem.

First Semester:
- Weekly Hot Topics
- Relational Databases
- Linear Algebra for Data Science 
- Research Methods for Data Science
- Analytics Computing for Data Science
- Frequentist Statistics

Second Semester:
- Weekly Hot Topics
- Bayesian Statistics
- Software Methods for Data Science
- NoSQL Databases
- Introduction to Data Visualization
- Machine Learning for Data Science
Data Wrangling
- Healthcare Case Studies

Third Semester:
- Weekly Hot Topics
- Data Engineering for Data Science
- Emphasis Case Studies
 Analytics Storytelling
- Elective (Fraud Detection, Recommender Systems, Text Mining, Customer Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Sentiment Analysis)

Fourth Semester:
- Dynamic Visualization
- Visual Storytelling
- Capstone 

*Courses are subject to change.*