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Jaycee Davis, '07

Jaycee DavisJaycee Davis de Pilpe, '07, ESL Instructor, The Mercy Center Bronx, New York  

Jaycee's current career and formative intercultural experiences have built exponentially on her time and opportunities at Pacific's School of International Studies. Working with the Pacific study abroad center, Jaycee personalized her SIS year abroad to live and study in Dresden, Germany. While there, she was encouraged by a family working with Iranian refugees to take part in a partner program granting certificates to teach English as a second and foreign language. Following this advice opened the door for her to become a full time university instructor in Istanbul, Turkey, upon graduation. She taught for three years in Turkish schools, from Pre-K to adult education, returning to the US in 2010 to pursue her Master's degree in International Education at New York University. In that time, she explored careers in higher education exchange programs, the United States Mission to the United Nations, and finally with the NYC grassroots organization St. Paul's House building educational opportunity in the Dominican Republic. These cumulative experiences shaped her decision to focus on remedying "interrupted education"- the aid of those whose educational development has been put on pause because of poverty, displacement, and mass migration. As she raises her two daughters, this passion currently manifests itself in her love for teaching immigrant women at the Bronx, New York, nonprofit The Mercy Center. Jaycee is also a veteran teacher for the educational platform VIPKID, based in Hong Kong, allowing her to reach families on the other side of the world every morning. (Also giving her great ideas for remote programming in rural areas!) She and her husband continue to develop EFL learning experiences for partner programs in the Dominican Republic, and hope to expand to her husband's native Ecuador in the near future. Together, they have built up EIT Productions in hopes of documenting and presenting the needs of these communities on greater platforms.