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1. How can I learn more about the program?
Learn more aobut our mission, program highlights, student outcomes and the campus.

2. What degree is offered after completion of the program?
A doctor of audiology (AuD) degree.

3. How long is the program?
The program is a three-year, nine-semester accelerated program for full-time students.

1. How much does it cost to attend Pacific's Audiology program?
The annual estimated cost can be obtained by contacting the AuD program director. The tuition and fees schedule for programs located on the San Francisco campus can be found on the student accounts webpage:

2. What kind of financial aid is available?
Financial aid packages at Pacific are tailored to each individual's qualifications and program of study. Therefore, no specific information can be given regarding financial aid until a student has been admitted to a program and has accepted admission to a program. Applicants can contact the financial aid department directly (209.946.2421 or for answers to specific financial aid questions.

3. Do you offer teaching assistantships or graduate assistantships?
At the present time the department does not offer teaching/graduate assistantships. 

1. How many students do you accept?
The AuD program anticipates admitting 20-22 students each fall.

2. What is required to apply to the program?
Review the Admissions Process page for a list of the items required to apply.

3. Is it possible for me to come and see the campus and talk with an advisor?
Our department offers monthly information sessions to help answer prospective student questions and tour our department/clinic. Visit the Information Sessions page to view the available dates and sign up for an upcoming session. If you have individual questions, contact Department Chair Dr. Rupa Balachandran at

4. Do you offer admission in the spring semester?
No. Due to the prescriptive nature of our program, we only admit students to begin the program in the fall.

5. Do I need to submit official transcripts to CSDCAS and Pacific when I apply?
During the application process, you only need to submit official transcripts to CSDCAS. If you are admitted to Pacific, we will contact you to request official transcripts. 

6. What prerequisite courses are necessary?
You must have a bachelor's degree before you can enter our graduate program. The following courses are prerequisites required to be completed before the application deadline (February 1st).

  • A psychology, sociology or anthropology course
  • A biology or human anatomy course
  • A statistics course
  • A chemistry or physics course

Learn more about our admission process and general requirements.

7. Is the audiology program accredited?
The Doctor of Audiology program at the University of the Pacific has been awarded candidacy status by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA) of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and a ten-year accreditation status by the Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education (ACAE). Learn more about the accreditation process.

1. Where do I go to access the CSDCAS application?
The CSDCAS application can be accessed at

2. What if my recommender DOES NOT want to fill out his/her letter of recommendation online?
CSDCAS requires that all letters of recommendation be completed online. If your recommender does not want to complete the recommendation online, unfortunately you will need to find another recommender. DO NOT use the recommendation forms that can be found on the university's webpage. The university recommendation forms WILL NOT be accepted by CSDCAS or the department.

3. What status does my CSDCAS application need to be in to meet your application deadline? 
In order to meet our application deadline, your application needs to be marked as "RECEIVED" by the application deadline.  If you check on your application and you are at an "On Hold" or "Undelivered" status, please contact CSDCAS regarding the status of your application at 617.612.2030.

1. What is the minimum GPA required to apply to Pacific's AuD program?
The minimum GPA required to apply is a 3.0. It is anticipated that the average GPA of students admitted for the Fall will be 3.5 or above. 

2. I have a graduate degree. When I calculate my overall GPA, should I include my graduate course grades?
Yes. Your overall GPA calculation will include post baccalaureate coursework.

3. I have taken courses on a semester system and on a quarter system. How do I convert from semester credits to quarter credits so that I might calculate my GPA?
A 3-semester unit course is the equivalent of a 4.5 quarter unit course. 

  • To convert from quarter to semester units, multiply quarter units by .67
  • To convert from semester to quarter units, multiply semester units by 1.5

1. When should I take the GRE exam?
It is strongly suggested that all applicants take the GRE by December 31st to insure that their scores are received by CSDCAS by the February 1st regular application deadline. GRE scores can take 6-8 weeks to be received by CSDCAS.

2. What is the code I need to use to have my GRE scores reported to CSDCAS?
The University of the Pacific's CSDCAS code is: 0773

3. What GRE score should I be aiming for?
It is expected that the average GRE scores of the students admitted for the Fall will be:
GRE-Verbal: 150+     GRE-Quantitative: 150+     GRE-Written: 4.0+

4. My GRE exam score is low so I am going to take it again. How do you assess multiple GRE exam scores?
We will use the highest GRE score for each subsection.

5. Are my GRE scores too old?
If you have taken the GRE within the past 5 years, your scores are still considered current. If you took the GRE more than 5 years ago, you will need to retake the exam and submit your new scores.

1. When will I find out if I was admitted?
Applicants will receive an admission decision from the department by the first week of March.

2. If admitted to the program, when will I need to make my decision?
Student decisions (to accept or decline our offer) will be due by April 1st.

3. What happens if I'm placed on the waiting list?
If you are placed on the waiting list, you will be asked to let our department know whether or not you want to remain on the waiting list - After April 15th, the admissions committee will meet and rank those who remain on the waiting list. They will then begin notifying students on the waiting list, if spaces have become available.  

If you have any additional questions regarding the application process or about other aspects of the graduate program in audiology at Pacific, please contact Department Chair Dr. Rupa Balachandran at