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Falls Prevention Clinic

Our services are designed to identify individual fall and osteoporosis risk as well as providing multi-disciplinary suggestions and interventions. Faculty from pharmacy, physical therapy, and audiology assist patients with individualized goals and interventions. As part of our Falls Prevention Clinic we offer a program entitled: Osteoporosis and Falls Prevention Screening, Education, and Intervention for Seniors based on guidelines from the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Osteoporosis (brittle bones) can be a severe problem for those at-risk, especially seniors. Brittle bones can predispose one to a fall and result in broken bones. This program screens participants for their risk of osteoporosis and also their risk for having a fall. Our faculty pharmacists, physical therapists, and student interns provide this Human Services Agency grant-funded community program. Similar to our MUSTTM program, the first program part provides individuals with screening opportunities at group events or meetings. This includes screening questions, bone mineral density testing, falls-risk testing and educational information. The second portion provides private, individualized consultation services including physical therapy intervention-education, identification¬, education-intervention for medicines which may contribute to a fall, and canes or walkers for those needing these assistive devices.