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Jacque Georgeson, AuD

Director of Clinical Education and Training


Phone: 415.929.6639


BS, Northern Arizona University, 1993

MA, University of Memphis, 1995

AuD, University of Florida, 2003

At Pacific Since: 2015

Jacque Georgeson, AuD, received her master's degree from University of Memphis and obtained her AuD from University of Florida. Her clinical experiences include working for Australian Hearing Services in Sydney, Australia, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. After 10 years working clinically, she transitioned to the educational side of audiology.

For the last 10 years, Dr. Georgeson has worked as clinical training coordinator precepting students in their first-year clinical rotations and teaching clinical methods and staffing classes. She developed the off-campus and externship experiences at San Diego State University and continues to promote clinical training and recruit quality clinical placements for students. Her passion lies in mentoring students throughout their doctoral program experience and collaborating with preceptors to enhance the clinical training experience for both students and preceptors.

In her fun time, she enjoys traveling to warm, sandy beaches in the Caribbean and to New Zealand for the world's best ice cream and All Blacks rugby!


Teaching Philosophy: "Teaching and mentoring can be the most exciting and rewarding experiences. All individual students and student cohorts have a different dynamic, style and vibe. My goal is to welcome every individual, make them feel like my classroom or clinic is a "safe" environment for them to learn and to make mistakes to help them grow as audiologists and professionals. As the director for clinical education and training, my primary objective is to make students feel like they can come to me with any questions or concerns."

"With regards to teaching my preceptors, I enjoy sharing the information that I have learned or developed. My ultimate goal is for the preceptor to feel that they are able to contact me for information on precepting, teaching, questioning or feedback tools, or any issues they are experiencing with students and/or the program. The preceptors and clinical sites should view me as the liaison to the program and should not hesitate to contact me with any concern, recommendation or comment."

"With all my interactions whether it is with students, preceptors or sites, my goals are to respect individual differences, to support the students and the sites, and to build, develop and maintain positive and professional relationships"


AUDI 288 - Externship Seminar
AUDI 351 - Report Writing
AUDI 353 - Professional Issues
AUDI 385 - Clinic Practicum Lab Class
AUDI 305 - Audiologic Assessment I