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Located on University of the Pacific’s Stockton campus, the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy is home to an undergraduate Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program, an accelerated three-year doctor of pharmacy program and a graduate Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences Program, as well as several fellowship programs.

Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program

For first-time freshmen, we offer the Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program. Not only will you be completing your studies in one place, it will be a smooth transition from undergraduate to professional student. You will be enrolled in one of three tracks, completing your PharmD in five, six or seven years. Completion of Pacific’s requirements guarantees admission into our PharmD program.

Doctor of Pharmacy

Become a pharmacist and help patients live healthier lives. The skill set and clinical experience you will gain at Pacific will open doors to the many settings where pharmacists play a key role, from hospitals to pharmaceutical research and development.

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences

We will prepare you for a career in the increasingly complex and integrated realms of pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological research. Earn either a master of science (MS) or a doctor of philosophy (PhD) in pharmaceutical and chemical sciences. Work alongside our research faculty in one of five focus areas.

Dual Degrees

Get the best of both worlds — the hands-on clinical experience of the PharmD program and an immersive research experience through the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences Program. Our PharmD/MS and PharmD/PhD graduates are in high demand in
industry and academia.


Master of Science, Pharmacoeconomics, Health Care Outcomes and Clinical Services and Pharmacy Fellowship
Fellowship in Industry Program in Partnership with Genentech 
Fellowship in Industry Program in Partnership with Legacy Heart Care